Hi, go make yourself some tea, coffee, or feel free to bring something stronger, but sit comfortably, or even lie down, and let me introduce myself to you.

I'm Vláďa, and I'll be your wedding photographer. Why me, when there are so many of us? I'm a chameleon, I blend in everywhere, I adapt to the wedding and above all to you. I shoot professionally, but at the same time, as your friend, I just blend in and you won't even notice I'm there at the wedding, or that I'm even photographing you. I don't like kitsch, I don't like staged smiles, and I absolutely hate posing. I'm just in the middle of the fun and at the same time as if I weren't there at all, just shooting, shooting, and shooting. I don't want to show off, but I bet I've been to more weddings than you. So you don't have to be afraid of anything with me... you don't know which leg the garter goes on, or on which side mom should stand, well, I know and I'm happy to advise you. I won't write clichés like every wedding is different, that it's original... every bride is afraid that she won't look good in the photos, and every groom has a panic fear of long photoshoots. Don't worry, don't forget that you're on the website because I caught your attention somewhere (with something) and you know that in my photos, everyone is beautiful or funny. And I also have a panic fear of long photoshoots, so let's disappear for a moment, take a break, and take some great, natural photos (I'll help you with everything, you don't have to think of anything, unless you want to).

I love surprises, and believe me, the photos will surprise you. You won't believe all the things you didn't even see, or what they wanted to hide from you. No guest will hide from me, I'll capture every "awkward", funny, or really romantic moment for you.

I look like a superhero from Marvel (or DC, if you want), who miraculously appears everywhere at the right moment. Who knows and understands everything, has been everywhere, and can advise on everything. I'll disappoint you a bit, but I'm not. I couldn't handle everything, so I bring my assistant with me. Always, rain or shine, for every wedding, and always the same one. We're already a well-rehearsed couple, where if it's not me, it's her... unless we're both at the buffet :)

The tea, coffee, or something stronger is probably almost gone, I (we) have introduced ourselves sufficiently, so I'll be glad if you either book your date right away or get in touch, and we get to know each other.